The principal business activity of RARESEEN BERHAD is developing & publishing mobile phone applications; with the FREE install  unlimited apps focusing on phone personalization for users.

Our business model focuses on Ad Revenue. We work hard in enhancing our applications, partnering with 

255 Authorised Partners to cater to advertisers' demand in 177 countries/regions.

We make revenue earnings easy with in-app high quality ads, actionable insights, real-time transparent reporting & powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow with our app users.

Our vision is to utilize our RARESEEN application’s digital publishing platform to not only continue being one of global users leading mobile personalization content apps but to also use this platform to publish and add new stand-alone apps that extend our value proposition in entertainment. We have engineered the platform to support an array of digital content enabling us to launch new apps with relative ease and speed.The RARESEEN application will be consistently upgraded in order to harmonize with the current practicality in line with the changes made by mobile phone manufacturers.

The key to all of our successes and productive operations comes from our responsible management team. Our management team is as versatile and diverse as our products and services. They give us boundless attainment and their bountiful of experiences and ideas contributes to our continued success. With such a strong support behind us, we believe that any challenges or hardships can be overcome. 

RARESEEN BERHAD is incorporated Public Limited Company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under the Companies Act, 2016 and has recently raised its Paid-Up Capital to RM100,056,000.

Lead by the founder of the Company, Mr Ridzuan Omar, the Company intends to become emerging leading Company in providing Content Distribution Platform focusing on digital mobile advertising.

Our TOP 30 Authorized Partners