MOHD HAMDI BIN MOHD AZMEENon-Executive Director(Accountant Profesional)

Mr. Mohd Hamdi: A Chartered Accountant with a Wealth of Expertise

Mr. Mohd Hamdi is a highly qualified professional with a strong foundation in accountancy and a deep commitment to his field. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from the MARA Institute of Technology (UiTM), showcasing his dedication to academic excellence.

Chartered Accountant Professional (Since March 2010)
Mr. Mohd Hamdi's commitment to his profession is further underscored by his status as a Chartered Accountant professional member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). He earned this prestigious designation in March 2010, signifying his expertise and adherence to the highest standards of professional practice.

A Journey of Honesty and Determination
Throughout his career, Mr. Mohd Hamdi has exemplified qualities of honesty, determination, and passion. His unwavering commitment to financial reporting, corporate advisory, and tax consulting has allowed him to accumulate a wealth of valuable experiences.

Expertise in Financial Reporting
Mr. Mohd Hamdi's proficiency in financial reporting is a testament to his dedication to ensuring accuracy and transparency in financial matters. His expertise contributes to sound financial decision-making within organizations.

Corporate Advisory and Tax Consulting
In addition to financial reporting, Mr. Mohd Hamdi has honed his skills in corporate advisory and tax consulting. His insights and guidance in these areas are instrumental in helping businesses navigate complex financial and regulatory landscapes.

Mr. Mohd Hamdi's journey is characterized by his commitment to professional growth, his dedication to ethical practices, and his passion for financial excellence. His academic qualifications and extensive experience make him a valuable asset in the field of accountancy.