We're your gateway to a world of innovation and creativity. Our diverse portfolio spans the realms of fabric 3D design, dynamic Android wallpaper applications, captivating NFT art, cutting-edge AI prompt engineering, fintech solutions, and visionary real estate development.

A Catalyst of Innovation and Impact!

In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, RARESEEN BERHAD stands as a distinguished Public Limited Company, operating in strict accordance with the Companies Act of 2016, and proudly registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM). Our recent achievement of elevating our Paid-Up Capital to an impressive RM100,056,000 exemplifies our commitment to growth and financial stability.

Guided by Visionary Leadership

At the helm of RARESEEN BERHAD is our visionary founder, Mr. Ridzuan Omar. With his unwavering leadership, we embark on a transformative journey, positioning ourselves as a formidable presence in the realms of creativity and technology. Our endeavors are meticulously crafted to not only foster innovation but also to leave a lasting positive impact on individuals and the environment.

Reimagining Boundaries, Enriching Lives

Central to our mission is the unwavering commitment to redefine the frontiers of innovation and creativity across diverse domains. RARESEEN BERHAD's core business activities span a broad spectrum, each meticulously designed to enhance the lives of individuals and elevate our surroundings. Our vision transcends convention as we aspire to carve an enduring legacy in the domains we venture into.

Innovation as Our North Star

With innovation as our guiding principle, and under the dedicated leadership and our passionate team, RARESEEN BERHAD is poised to make substantial contributions to the fields we operate in. Beyond financial gains, our purpose-driven focus is on creating a better, more sustainable future for all, where innovation serves as our compass and positive impact as our ultimate destination.

Where Imagination Meets Innovation!

We're passionate about redefining possibilities across multiple domains. Our unique blend of services encompasses the worlds of fabric 3D design, dynamic Android wallpaper applications, captivating NFT art, AI prompt engineering services, cutting-edge fintech solutions, and visionary real estate development.

Explore Our Expertise:

Fabric 3D Design

We are pioneers in the world of fabric 3D design. Our expert team of designers and technologists combines creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft textiles that are not just visually stunning but also technologically advanced. We push the boundaries of traditional fabric design to create unique and innovative solutions.

Dynamic Android Wallpaper Applications

Experience creativity at your fingertips with our dynamic Android wallpaper applications. Our team of developers and designers work in harmony to offer a wide range of customizable 3D wallpapers that transform your device into a canvas of digital art. Personalize your Android device like never before with our innovative applications.


Delve into the world of digital art through our NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art platform. We provide a secure marketplace for artists to tokenize their creations, allowing collectors to discover, own, and trade unique digital artworks. Our commitment to authenticity and security ensures a seamless NFT art experience.

AI Prompt Engineering

Harness the power of AI with our AI prompt engineering services. Our team of experts specializes in creating bespoke prompts that enhance AI interactions. We optimize AI-driven applications for better user experiences and outcomes. Unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence with our tailored solutions.

Fintech Solutions

Empower your financial journey with our fintech solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including digital payments, online lending, investment tools, and financial management. Our goal is to make managing your finances easy, convenient, and effective, ensuring you're in control of your financial future.

Real Estate Development

Experience modern living in our visionary real estate developments. At Rareseen Berhad, we are committed to shaping the future of urban living. Our sustainable and innovative real estate projects create vibrant communities designed with the environment and your well-being in mind.

Our Commitment: Innovation, Quality, Sustainability

At RARESEEN BERHAD, we're driven by innovation, dedicated to delivering quality, and committed to sustainability. Our projects and services reflect these core values.

Our Pillars of Success: The Rareseen Berhad Management Team
At Rareseen Berhad, the cornerstone of our achievements and seamless operations lies in the expertise and dedication of our management team. Our leadership is as versatile and diverse as the array of products and services we offer. They bring with them a wealth of experience and a treasure trove of innovative ideas, both of which have played pivotal roles in sustaining our ongoing success.

Unwavering Support for Challenges Ahead

With such a formidable support system in place, we firmly believe that any challenges or hardships that come our way can be surmounted. Our resilient and forward-thinking management team is our driving force, propelling us toward new heights of excellence and innovation.

At Rareseen Berhad, we're committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations, and it is our dynamic management team that ensures we continue to do so.

Our Success is Anchored by Our Exceptional Management Team

The foundation of our achievements and the engine behind our productive operations is our responsible and dynamic management team. Our leadership cadre mirrors the versatility and diversity of our products and services, infusing our organization with a rich tapestry of experiences and innovative ideas that continuously fuel our success.

Limitless Attainment Through Collective Expertise
The collective expertise and creativity of our management team have yielded boundless attainment, driving us to new heights of excellence. Their dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to our company's vision are the cornerstones of our continued success.
The Strength to Overcome Challenges
With this exceptional support behind us, we believe that any challenges or hardships that may arise can and will be overcome. Our management team's resilience, adaptability, and forward-thinking ensure that we are not just prepared for adversity but poised to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.
   At Rareseen Berhad, we owe our success to the leadership and dedication of our management team. Together, we are charting a course towards an even brighter future.


Mission & Vision!

Through these endeavors, we aim to inspire creativity, drive progress, and make a positive impact on individuals, communities, and the world at large. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability fuels our journey toward a future where possibilities are limitless, and creativity knows no bounds.

At RARESEEN BERHAD, our mission is to seamlessly fuse creativity and technology across a spectrum of industries, enriching lives and shaping a brighter future. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries, pioneering innovation, and delivering exceptional value through our core business activities: fabric 3D design, Android wallpaper applications, NFT art, AI prompt engineering, fintech solutions, and visionary real estate development.
Our vision is to be a global leader at the intersection of creativity and technology. We aspire to redefine industry standards, inspire innovation, and leave a lasting impact on the world. Through our commitment to excellence and sustainability, we aim to:
    Fabric 3D Design: Lead the textile industry with groundbreaking 3D fabric designs that blend aesthetics and functionality, setting new benchmarks for quality and creativity.
    Android Wallpaper Applications: Continue to be the go-to source for dynamic Android wallpapers, providing users with unparalleled personalization and artistic expression.
    NFT Art: Shape the future of digital art by nurturing a vibrant NFT art ecosystem, where artists and collectors thrive in a secure and creative environment.
    AI Prompt Engineering: Empower businesses with AI-driven solutions that maximize user experiences, efficiency, and innovation through optimized AI prompt engineering.
    Fintech Solutions: Revolutionize financial services by consistently delivering innovative fintech solutions that empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals.
    Real Estate Development: Pioneer sustainable, community-centric real estate projects that redefine modern living, fostering environments where people can thrive.

Our TOP 30 Authorized Partners

At RARESEEN BERHAD, we are proud to collaborate with a select group of esteemed advertising partners who have played a pivotal role in our success within the realm of Android wallpaper applications. These trusted partners share our dedication to innovation and quality, contributing to the enhanced experiences we provide to our users.